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Mug Club

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Mug Club


You will be prompted for the member’s information upon clicking “Add Member to Cart”. If you wish to purchase more than one membership, return to this screen to add the next member to your cart.

Add Member To Cart


  • Initial offering of 80 memberships.

  • Because this is our first year and we are selling our mug club memberships prior to opening, these memberships can only be purchased online. All future memberships must be purchased in our taproom.

  • Membership period is for 12 months which will start on the first day of the following month from the date we open (e.g. opening is April 5th, membership will begin May 1 st). Future memberships will begin on the first of that same month for every consecutive year (e.g. May 1st).

  • Membership duration is 12 months with all memberships coming due at the same time.

  • Membership price is $125.00.

  • Current members will be notified via email a minimum of 60 days prior to expiration, that they must renew their membership. It will be your responsibility to come in and renew your membership. If you fail to do so within the 60-day renewal period, your “number” will be forfeited and given to a new club member.


  • Members only custom Garage Band Brewing 16-ounce mug.

  • Members only Logo t-shirt (choose men’s or women’s) designating them as “Roadie”.

  • 16-ounce pour for the price of our normal 12 ounce pour.

  • 10% off growler and howler fills (does not pertain to crowlers).

  • 10% off Garage Band merchandise.

  • 20% off mug pours on Tuesdays.

  • Members only invitations to special tastings and new release parties.

  • At the end of the year, members get to take their mug home. They will get a new mug upon renewal.


  • Renewals for existing members will be available at a reduced cost of $100.00 (20% discount).

  • Renewals get all the standard benefits without the T-shirt. The new T-shirt will be available to renewing members at a 10% discount.


  • All members of the mug club must be 21+ years or older.

  • As a mug club member of Garage Band Brewing Company, you understand that you are representing Garage Band Brewing Company and that Garage Band Brewing Company supports and enforces responsible drinking and encourages you to do the same.

  • Be courteous, kind and well behaved.

  • Garage Band Brewing Company reserves the right to change rules, policies, benefits and revoke membership without refund.

  • Members may not fill their 16-ounce mug with beers that are 8.0% ABV or higher, barrel-aged, or guest taps. These can be purchased in our regular glasses at our regular prices.

  • Membership mugs are the property of the mug club member. However, your mug must stay in our taproom for the duration of the membership year. If you remove your mug from the taproom, you risk having your membership revoked with no refund. At the end of your visit, return your mug to a beertender and it will be cleaned and returned to its proper spot waiting for your return. Upon expiration or termination, your mug will be available to take home.

  • Memberships are non-transferrable, and you cannot sell your membership or mug. Benefits are for the original purchaser ONLY.

  • If you break your mug, you will be required to pay a breakage fee of $20 to attain a new mug and continue your mug club benefits. If we break your mug, we will gladly replace it for you at no charge.

  • Mug club discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount(s).

  • Garage Band Brewing Company is not responsible for any negligence, claims, liability, injury, property loss or other damages of participants arising from, or in connection with the use/misuse of participation in the mug club program. Please drink responsibly!

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